Tomas Rae Collection

Both desirable and striking, this stunning collection of gemstone jewellery includes sparkling diamond and beautiful kunzite pieces. Guaranteed to attract admiration from all who see them, the pieces in the Tomas Rae collection are timeless examples of fine craft and design.

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There are so many different styles available when looking for gemstone jewellery, but at the heart of the Tomas Rae Collection is glamour and opulence. Precious gemstones are set solely in gold – whether yellow, white or striking rose – making this a truly luxurious collection. A wide selection of gemstones appear in this splendid collection, including tanzanite, pink and green tourmaline, Siberian and Russian emeralds, sapphires and even the more unusual csarite. The most prominent gems in the collection, though, are the classic white diamonds and the magnificent kunzites. White diamond bracelets, rings, earrings and pendants are timeless, enchanting pieces that will never go out of style.

The most famous of all the gemstones, diamonds are usually measured according to their cut, clarity and colour. In contrast to most other gemstones, it is the lack of colour in diamonds that is most highly prized. The stunning white diamond jewellery in our collection makes clear why this is: when paired with white gold, white diamonds create pieces emanating class and elegance. All of the white diamonds in the Tomas Rae Collection are of exceptionally high quality, and regularly set into at least 9 karats of gold to ensure that the precious metal matches the high calibre of the stone.

For something a little different, kunzite is one of the most unique stones in appearance, and has a distinctly feminine finish. Named after the renowned Tiffany’s gemmologist, George Frederick Kunz, who first discovered it in the early 20th century, it is a wondrous pink-toned gemstone. Kunzite jewellery is highly desirable for its phosphorescent quality, meaning that it produces an ethereal glow in low lighting. From different angles, the gem can also appear lilac or even colourless; so a kunzite ring or pendant is a truly attention-grabbing piece. Our collection includes kunzite jewellery set in all types of gold, though many people find the stone’s partnering with rose gold to be a particularly enchanting look. The pretty, rosy hues of these pieces make them a premium choice for those looking for ladylike pieces with a classic charm and prettiness.

The gemstone jewellery in the Tomas Rae Collection features so many different styles; but from the vibrant emerald rings to the elegant white diamond earrings, each one is a statement piece guaranteed to captivate all who see it. Explore the range today, and lose yourself in the sparkling world of the Tomas Rae Collection.

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